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Things on my page~


Adventures ahoy on this deviant page~

Enjoy the ride as we go through a world of adventure~ ^^

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Name of Image

Name of Image

Our home~

Name of Image

Welcome to my world

Thank you for visiting us here.This is where Myself, Cordis, Decorus, Devoveo, Seria, Lash and Vana Live ^^
Look Below for some of my art :D want more check out the dozens and dozens i have in the gallery^^

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Me with my Demons by other artists ^^

Me with my Gods by other artists ~

Yep I also like to advertise the works of good friends if they have made me some work, check it out ^^

Name of Image

Name of Image

Fan Arts and Gifts!!!

Fan art!~

These are some of the pictures that have been made for me as gifts!! :heart:

to JJVanHossen by agawaRMagenta Madness by VanilliaWingsEntangled love by OctoHatDecorus commision: time to sleep by Morphynesmore for xmas by P01NTLESSTransistor cosplay by OctoHatJj Trade by owlizardJJ's character by mickey112Lash baby :P by MoroMonsterLash by 7MAK7Vita by 7MAK7Chibi Vita by Kirael-Art:' 'Tea Party :` by Joeberz:Gift: Unwrapped Present by Huggiez-EXE''TradeArt'' Devoveo and tiny JJ' by RohrisDemon worlds finest: Suit and Tie by decodenprincessWarp speed ahead! by taliawolfBrother Mont..... by MimiteaA Comforting Hug by taliawolfGood body! by EelballSeduce me by TheWarriorwithAHeartVana by 7MAK7Princeps Ignis... JJ  Van Hossen by Somdude424FOR JJ by AKANE-ICHII-KITSUNE


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Jul 22, 2014
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Jul 22, 2014
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The Gods Finest! $200 Summer Contest!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2014, 11:52 AM
*new updates under side notes*
(Also please read it all before asking questions, as people have asked things which are answered in this journal...)


Right, once again welcome one and all to another contest, as its summer and im near 5000 watchers why not celebrate by hosting another contest ^^

Also if you feel like spreading the word about this contest feel free to do so.

So what are the rules? :

Well its straight forward, all you have to do is create a summer themed picture of any of my characters (Multiple or all is up to you ) from *The Gods Finest!* so for example they could be on a beach, park, pool or any other awesome theme you could think of. So you can put them in any outfits you want! Oh joy.

Whats the deadline ? :

To be fair and give a good amount of time the DEADLINE will be on : SEPTEMBER 10TH so just over 2 months to create a nice piece. Anyone can join, even if its the day before the deadline. 

Also EVERY ENTRY will receive an amount of POINTS after the contest is over, so everyone will get a small prize afterwards even if your not in top places :D (Just as long as its not like a 3 minute drawing lol)



1st place: ---> $100 or 8000 :points:

 2nd place: ---> $50 or 4000 :points:

 3rd place: ---> $25 or 2000 :points: 

For the last $25 there will be mini prize categories, to which all winners will get ---> 3 month premium memberships. For example, most cute, most exotic etc...(note top 3 winners cant win in these categories)

The money will be sent via Paypal :

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

Here are the References for the characters from *The Gods Finest!*
(On these sheets you will also find information on what they are to each other and to other people, as well as what they like and dislike )

The main protagonist JJ :

The Gods Finest! : New JJVanHossen Character Sheet by JJVanHossen

The Gods finest Ladies :

From left to right : Cordis, Decorus, Devoveo, Seria, Lash, Vana and Vitam.

The Gods Finest! : New Cordis of the Shadows by JJVanHossenThe Gods Finest! : New! Decorus of the Lustful by JJVanHossenThe Gods Finest! : New Devoveo of Redemption by JJVanHossenThe Gods Finest! : New Seria of Darkness by JJVanHossenThe Gods Finest! : New Lash! of Time by JJVanHossenThe Gods Finest! : New Vana! of The Void by JJVanHossenThe Gods Finest! : Vitam of Destiny is here! by JJVanHossen

Here is their height sheet if you want to get everything just about right : 

Gods Finest! : Character Height Sheet +Vitam by JJVanHossen



The picture can be R rated or X - rated if you want but with that comes other rules ive been asked before :

- Can i draw my Ocs with JJ and the Gods finest ladies?
Send me a note and please ASK ME FOR PERMISSION FIRST IF YOUR CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED, because if i see stuff that breaks the lore of the harem story, its DISQUALIFIED. Usually if its other females it should be fine but you need to ask still.

AS ANOTHER SIDE NOTE : As people keep and keep asking if they can put males in it. If JJ is also in the picture yes and as long as there is no ecchi stuff going on with them and my female characters  as its MY harem not some random guy characters one... otherwise it will be banned from the contest. Simple.

In the note also explain how you want to use the characters.

(On the flip side it can be normal as if they are all friends going out together to town or something for example.)

- Can i draw on paper or not colour etc?
Yes there is no rule to how you make it, you can draw, paint, sketch, ink etc... but you have more chance of winning if its in colour.

- Can i do more than 1 entry?
Yes you may there is no limit to how many you draw, though multiple entries wont increase chances of winning, its based on your best peice.

- How many characters can i draw?
As many as you like you can go ham and draw JJ with all gods and extra if you feel godlike enough, or you can do 1 or 2 characters only, its all good with me.

- How will the winners be chosen?
It will be done fairly as i have done in the past, I will take the time to look through all entries going through criteria and choosing based on an overall score, like :

- How well drawn it is
- How well coloured it is
- How much time the person has spent on it
- How much is going on in the picture
- How awesome did they make the theme and scene
- How much the poses fit the characters personality

I also WONT comment on the pictures until the contest is over, after that i will~


Psst JJ, if you could have a say in the entries what would it be?
Well though this doesn't matter, if JJ is in the picture with his Gods or other characters, all harem pictures are a soft spot for me lol.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask.



1. Note me with a link to your picture.
2. Post it to your DA With a link back to the contest page.
3. As said if you want to do R or X rated stuff with JJ, Gods finest ladies or your OC's, ASK ME FOR PERMISSION FIRST IF YOUR CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED.
4. If it is R or X rated, be sure to check out DA's policies before you upload OR send me a note asking for my email to send it to directly.
5. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A WATCHER TO ENTER, Though it would be cool if you did give me a watch if you like the Gods finest lol

Feel free to say if you are joining down below in the comments. Just none of that urg i might just stuff lol. 

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

About me and stuff ^^

Name of Image

Welcome to My page~

Hello there everyone
My name is JJ, Stands for Joseph John.
I was offered a place at one of the best Universities in Europe for animation but i turned it down like an idiot lol~ so instead I am a 3rd year student at the University of the Arts in London - I study Animation of course. :)
The prides and joys i have on this page are my 6 OC's known as Cordis, Decorus and Devoveo, Seria, Lash and Vana~
The Job im working towards is a summer intern-ship at Pixar over summer so then i can apply to work for Riot Games~

Also a bit about me, the JJ on my channel is me, check old journals to see what i look like, pretty much identical ^^

I've been doing judo for a long time, but ive changed to boxing over the past couple of years.

My Demons and Angels are hot for me and its a harem in the channel :D As for meeting them we only meet close friends in collabs, and no lol your male characters wont be with my characters, get out lol. Only my best friends can have their males even close to my Gods.

As for the work on this page :
33% is my work fuly
33% is collaborations work, me probably lining and colouring.
33% is Commissions ive given.

:icontradesask: :iconcolfplz: :iconreqclplz: :iconcomoplz:


Bust Shot Commissions *closed*----  Ye i got too busy with em so ima stop, thanks for everyone thats ordered though.  ----
Yeah. Pretty much, ive been asked by quite a few people when i would be opening commissions again so here you go.
For the time being i will be open to full coloured bust shot commissions this means you will get a picture from the bust up,  of your OC or other character of your picking.
The general look of the bust shots will be something along the lines of this, but slightly more bust / boobs :
Apart from 1 character. (will update when i have more recent picture examples )
It will also come with a basic background ( colours up to you ) with a resolution of around 4000.
As i had a quite a few people interested im opening up more types of commissions :
Lineart will cost $6 or 500 :points: Each
Flat colours will cost $9 or 750 :points: Each

I make exceptions.

Friends I Lurv alot :heart: ^^

:icon7mak7: :iconkikomu: :iconhinomars19: :iconkittystardraco: :iconlolart420: :iconazakishimo: :iconmimitea: :iconhanzax: :iconwildboy19: :iconcarmessi: :iconjutawi: :iconmorphynes: :iconhuggiez-exe: :iconoctohat: :iconanubinatorx: :iconbiribeast: :iconsomdude424: :iconsarukin:

League of Legends EU West : JJ Van Hossen Feel free to add me ^^
These are the Ladies i love playing the most~

League of Legends: Evelynn Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Elise Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Miss Fortune Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Sona Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Vayne Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Vi Stamp by immature-giraffe

My Pokemons i run on X and Y ( But most are shiny~ )

Roserade by CreepyJellyfishGardevoir by CreepyJellyfishMismagius by CreepyJellyfishMilotic by CreepyJellyfish
X/Y Latias Cursor by mid0456Sylveon by CreepyJellyfishVespiquen by CreepyJellyfishLopunny by CreepyJellyfish

Collaborations and things ^^ I like to line and colour

Stuff ive collaborated with~

These are all pictures that have been sketched for me by others and ive lined and coloured ^^

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image


JJVanHossen has started a donation pool!
1,334 / 1
If you think this channel deserves a point :< here is a donate thingy.

Name of Image

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