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Because 1 God just isnt enough
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Things on my page~


Adventures ahoy on this deviant page~

Enjoy the ride as we go through a world of adventure~ ^^

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Our home~

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Welcome to my world

Thank you for visiting us here.This is where Myself, Cordis, Decorus, Devoveo, Seria, Lash and Vana Live ^^
Look Below for some of my art :D want more check out the dozens and dozens i have in the gallery^^

Name of Image

I also created animated gifs using Emofuri :

Bouncy Hi5 Cassie -  Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossen Bouncy Gala - Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossen Bouncy Nellko -  Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossen Bouncy Madeline -  Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossenBouncy Cteno -  Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossen Bouncy Ena - Emofuri PSD Commission by JJVanHossen

Me with my Demons by other artists ^^

Me with my Gods by other artists ~

Yep I also like to advertise the works of good friends if they have made me some work, check it out ^^

Name of Image

Name of Image

Fan Arts and Gifts!!!

Fan art!~

These are some of the pictures that have been made for me as gifts!! :heart:

to JJVanHossen by agawaRClash of Milk II by Dragoon-RekkaMagenta Madness by VanilliaWingsEntangled love by OctoHatDecorus commision: time to sleep by Morphynesmore for xmas by P01NTLESSFor the chibi! by KikomuTransistor cosplay by OctoHatJj Trade by owlizardJJXSpike by BokcutterJJ Trade comic by owlizardJJ's character by mickey112Lash baby :P by MoroMonsterLash by 7MAK7JJ and Cordis by bakudemonVita by 7MAK7Jj Meets Eteni by OwyiSenseiChibi Vita by Kirael-Art:' 'Tea Party :` by JoeberzJJ Trade by OverlordZeon:Gift: Unwrapped Present by Huggiez-EXE''TradeArt'' Devoveo and tiny JJ' by Rohris''TradeArt'' Little JJ and giantess Sigil by RohrisDemon worlds finest: Suit and Tie by decodenprincessArt Trade with JJVanHossen by FenRoxWarp speed ahead! by taliawolfBrother Mont..... by MimiteaA Comforting Hug by taliawolfSeduce me by TheWarriorwithAHeartVana by 7MAK7FOR JJ by AKANE-ICHII-KITSUNE


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6:32 am
Sep 18, 2014
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Sep 18, 2014
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Sep 18, 2014
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When i return in October, how does a $400 contest sound to you all ($200 for first place, $100 for 2nd $50 for 3rd, then small $$ prizes) probably a Gods finest Harem theme or something as its a big prize pool. Would you actually join? 

45 deviants said Yes, sounds Good. Money! (feel free to leave a comment)
13 deviants said No, i don't really join contests. (feel free to leave a comment)


Gods Finest! $200 Contest Results!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 15, 2014, 6:38 AM

Before i get started i wanted to let you ALL know that i will probably be hosting a $400, yes $400 contest in maybe october, this means top prizes would be $200!!!. If you think you would be interested in that feel free to comment here.

Now to the main event!


Ok all prizes have been given finally lol

Well its finally here, after 2 months the end of the contest and the results of who won what. 

Now let me just say, this was by far the hardest contest ive had to do for choosing winners and i wish i could give out more prizes lol. So hopefully dont hate me if you didnt win :'D

Ok so i will annouce the winners and give the reasons why their work won each place.

First place and $100 / 8000 :points: goes to : :iconbokcutter:

God's Finest: Summer by Bokcutter

This piece really summed up the contest journal in a nutshell if im honest.

- Summer theme, on the beach, in bikinis, generally good theme.
- The full group is here, not only that but in harem poses, to suit their story. 
- The artwork is great, but the thing which got me was the difficulty of all this posing. Putting 9 characters in a canvas this tight takes some thought.
- She even included her own Oc Spike.

Its a fantastic piece which I am happy to give first to. ^^


Second place and $50 / 4000 :points: goes to :icontaiss14:

Summer time. by Taiss14

What really got me about this peice was not only the artistic style and wonderful skill of its creation but the complete different look of the image. It feels like Cordis and Seria are burning up the canvas and for this. Not to mention i really like the redesign of lash's clothes.


Third place and $25 / 2000 :points: goes to : :iconry0usaka1:

Gods Finest Beach Volleyball! by RY0USAKA1

I will explain why I like this piece so much, though their are only 3 people in the image, this piece of art portrays way more movement and poise than i felt the other pieces did. The movement in the piece is clearly there and its a change from the normal standing up poses. Not only this but this was drawn on paper. I mean come on, look at it, its hard to draw characters that good on paper with some little effects to make it even more awesome. For that artistic skill it also gets a podeum finish ^^


Ok but THATS NOT ALL remember there are more prizes to be annouced, the small sub category winners ^^

Also the top 3 winners cant win these categories, each can only be won by 1 person.

First is the most interesting theme for 500 :points: goes to :iconoctohat:

Summer Contest by OctoHat

The fact that generaly it was supposed to be a summer theme, but it was held in space was a pretty awesome thought lol. Not to mention the whole point of this image is that my stereotypical English tea was spilt over me and is getting cleaned up made me smile.  


Most well thought theme for 500 :points: goes to :iconskwang:

JJ's Summer by SkwangWIP: Vitam by Skwang

Before you say "but JJ you said you only chose 1 entry if you enter more than 1". 
This was supposed to be 1 image, but the theme was waiting in a bus shelter, but vitam was going to be ontop, but then :iconskwang: realised vana is too tall so it was stopper there.

So why did i chose this one for most well thought. From looking you would think its a pretty standard picture of the characters waiting. but if you take the time to check out the description of the piece, it all becomes clear. He read all about my characters and their personalities and worked his way around making the piece perfectly reflecting their personalities as well as their powers (lash mainly) and for this its a well deserved winner. ^^


Most cute for 250 :points: goes to :iconklaudy-na:

Summer time by Klaudy-na

Just look at the cute style, look at it!!!! 


Most sexy for 250 :points: Goes to :iconmimitea:

Its not always about how many bewbs and booty have in an image, but how they portray that sexiness thats key :)


The most comedic for 250 :points: goes to :iconmorphynes:

Gods Finest! Summer Contest! by Morphynes

If you take your eyes away from the super sexy ladies and look at me in the background, enough said lol.


The best perspective drawn for 250 :points: goes to :iconwildboy19:

SUMMER by wildboy19

There are quite a few ranges of distance in this image and that booty tho!


Best joint Oc's for 250 :points: goes to :iconanubinatorx:

Contest! Volleyball Battle! by AnubinatorX

A really nice piece with rivalry that made me grin. :D


Best view for 250 :points: goes to :iconangier3741:

:CE: Arriving at Harem Island by AngieR3741

Because flying high in the sky seeing this view is great :D


The most i wanna be i the middle for 250 :points: goes to :iconxtenchix:

Summer  '14 by XTenchiX

I would love to be inbetween all my gods there! xD


And lastly the best Collabed Oc for 250 :points: goes to :iconsomdude424:


Because Me and Som are just taking the back seat in this picture ^^


THATS IT! Thank you very much for all submitting your entries, as promosied i will be giving a few points out to each entry, so gimme a little time to get though you all :'D

I will be contesting the top 3 winners by note for there preferred prizes and all point prizes will be sent as soon as this journal is up! ^^

I honestly cant say enough how hard it was to chose but i even spent more money than i originally planned to lol so i hope you are all ok with the results :'D. I thnk all are well deserved.

Here is a link to all entries :

Lucky Guy by tiXri<da:thumb id="482129188"/>this is all 4 you JJ!!!!!!!! by johnnyblue15summer contest by darksiderforceDecorus by Coloringbook4UWhat are we actually playing here?! :ContestEntry: by daskillerfusselBeach by IconorEntry: God's Finest Contest by sanwookongCE: JJ Selfie by serunisavanaGods Finest Contest-Cordis by LaceWingedSabyCordis Contest Entry by marky1212Where Friends Are by EnstromintCE: summer in Amusement Park by ErryJuhaContest for Gods Finest summer theme! by delta-xContest Entry by jadialuvsnaruhinaSummer Day (contest) by Pajarito-AlvarezSummer contest JJ by AKANE-ICHII-KITSUNELast Night of Summer -Contest Entry- by FlaminiaKennedy<da:thumb id="479810196"/>Gods Finest! Summer Contest by SarukinWelcome to the spirit bathouse! by Blackrose159Say CHEESE!! by Blackrose159(CONTEST) How Does This One Look? by Ayame-the-MinerGod~ by SelvieMoonSetterSummer Contest Gods Finest by Jane-PrDecorus by HotGumSwimsuit Party: Cordis by Lady-Paladin-SkyeVitam of Destiny by JELLYEMILYSummer Contest: The Gods Finest by decodenprincessentry for JJVanHossen contest by MichiNoYamiSeria Enjoying Her Tea by OwyiSenseiLash - The Gods Finest Summer Contest Entry by PoppyMcMuffyCakeSummer with the Goddesses by VA2OGods-finest by Tropical79Gods Finest entry by Tropical79contest  entry by imhere8DNever Alone Again by taliawolfLustful Demon Hot-Tub Time by megaman2977O my gosh it's The Gods Finest... - Sculpture by TheAncynt

Stay tuned for the next $400 contest in October!

Now i have a lot of points to give, ^^

Regards JJ :iconplzhug:

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

A message to all Watchers, Viewers and Passers by

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 6:31 AM
Hey guys, recently I've been under a lot of hassle from some very strange people in the community. Whilst I appreciate the extra views they give, It's hard to warrant hateful behaviour - but they're entitled to their opinion of me. Ive made mistakes and said some mean stuff i probably could have said nicer and ive learnt from it. Just like to let all my watchers and viewers know that I will continue to work for you because in reality, you guys are more important at the end of the day. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast

About me and stuff ^^

Name of Image

Welcome to My page~

Hello there everyone
My name is JJ, Stands for Joseph John.
I was offered a place at one of the best Universities in Europe for animation but i turned it down like an idiot lol~ so instead I am a graduate student at the University of the Arts in London With a BA Hons degree - I studied Animation of course. :)
The prides and joys i have on this page are my 7 OC's known as Cordis, Decorus and Devoveo, Seria, Lash, Vana and Vitam~

Also a bit about me, the JJ on my channel is me, check old journals to see what i look like, pretty much identical ^^

I've been doing judo for a long time, but ive changed to boxing over the past couple of years.

My Demons and Angels are hot for me and its a harem in the channel :D Sad i know but I don't care. As for meeting them we only meet close friends in collabs, and no lol your male characters wont be with my characters, get out lol. Only my best friends can have their males even close to my Gods.

I first created my gods to get me through depression, but ive been known to lose my cool, when it comes to criticism. Sorry if i do in advance.

As for the work on this page :
33% is my work fully
33% is collaborations work, me probably lining and colouring.
33% is Commissions ive given.

:icontradesask: :iconcolfplz: :iconreqclplz: :iconcomoplz:


Emofuri Animation PSD Commissions : Open!Well after much demand the commissions for Emofuri Animation files are open.
What will you get? You will receive 2 things :
 - You will be buying the PSD file I make in Paint.SAI, which can be of whatever you want : Your Oc's, anime characters and so on. 
This file can be used for your own personal use in Emofuri ( The animation program i use to animate )
- You will also receive a short animation of that file for free, so you can see what they look like. 
These are some examples of what the animated .Gif's you will receive look like:
Bouncy Neddy - Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossen(AT) Bouncy Cinji - Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossen
Bouncy Cteno - Emofuri Animation by JJVanHossen 

I make exceptions.

Friends I Lurv alot :heart: ^^

:iconbokcutter: :icon7mak7: :icon0his-black-rabbit0::iconkikomu: :iconhinomars19: :iconlolart420: :iconazakishimo: :iconsomdude424: :iconmimitea: :iconhanzax: :iconwildboy19: :iconmorphynes: :iconoctohat: :iconanubinatorx: :iconbiribeast: :iconsarukin::iconein457::iconcarmessi:

League of Legends EU West : JJ Van Hossen Feel free to add me ^^
These are the Ladies i love playing the most~

League of Legends: Evelynn Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Elise Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Miss Fortune Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Sona Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Vayne Stamp by immature-giraffe League of Legends: Vi Stamp by immature-giraffe

My Pokemons i run on X and Y ( But most are shiny~ )

Roserade by CreepyJellyfishGardevoir by CreepyJellyfishMismagius by CreepyJellyfishMilotic by CreepyJellyfish
X/Y Latias Cursor by mid0456Sylveon by CreepyJellyfishVespiquen by CreepyJellyfishLopunny by CreepyJellyfish

Collaborations and things ^^ I like to line and colour

Stuff ive collaborated with~

These are all pictures that have been sketched for me by others and ive lined and coloured ^^

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image

Name of Image


JJVanHossen has started a donation pool!
1,773 / 1
If you think this channel deserves a point :< here is a donate thingy.

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